Kammui Inc. and Blue Bottle Coffee Collaborate to Bring Nature and Coffee Together in Japan


Kammui Inc.
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Kammui Inc. ("Kammui"), the operator of "," a new platform for premium nature-based experiences in Japan, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Blue Bottle Coffee, a renowned coffee brand with a mission to serve the finest and most sustainable coffee. Together, these two brands are merging their passions for nature, sustainability, and coffee to encourage high quality coffee experiences in Japan's incredible natural environment.

Background offers a wide range of premium nature-based experiences, from meditation retreats, Kumano Kodo treks to exhilarating ski and snowboarding adventures. The company's core mission is to "create optimal pathways to nature to improve health, spirituality, and sustainability." With a commitment to promoting well-being through nature, Kammui believes that connecting people with the great outdoors enhances their physical and mental health.

Blue Bottle Coffee, founded in Oakland, California, in 2002, has a simple yet revolutionary vision: to provide delicious coffee sourced from the finest and most sustainable coffee farms. Their aim is to connect people worldwide to the joy of enjoying high-quality coffee, believing that "delicious coffee makes life more beautiful." Blue Bottle Coffee has always prioritized the overall coffee experience, not just the drink itself.

Sustainability is at the core of both Kammui and Blue Bottle Coffee's business objectives. Their shared commitment to environmental responsibility has brought them together to inspire people to spend more time in nature while savoring exceptional coffee.

Details of Partnership

To kick off their collaboration, Kammui and Blue Bottle Coffee are launching a campaign aimed at encouraging people to enjoy coffee during extraordinary natural experiences in Japan. This campaign underscores the idea that nature and coffee can be perfectly intertwined, enhancing the overall experience.

Kammui firmly believes that spending time in nature is vital for health and well-being. For many of their guides and customers, sharing a cup of coffee in a natural setting fosters a deeper connection with each other, enhancing the sense of community.

Blue Bottle Coffee shares this belief and has always strived to make life more beautiful through coffee. Their pursuit of exceptional coffee experiences led them to envision coffee in the heart of nature. Imagine sipping drip coffee with family at a campsite as the morning sun rises, or sharing a cup with friends at the summit of a mountain.

Looking ahead, Kammui and Blue Bottle Coffee plan to launch various initiatives that combine coffee and nature-based experiences, leveraging their unique strengths to create memorable moments for all.

About Instagram Campaign

Details of the first social media campaign can be found at this landing page.

About Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee was founded by James Freeman in Oakland, California, in 2002 with a simple yet revolutionary idea: to serve delicious coffee, roasted fresh and brewed to order, sourced from the finest, sustainable coffee farms. Today, we are a global brand with a network of cafes in the U.S. and Asia We are the leader in specialty coffee, driven by our obsession for quality and our commitment to environmental health. Follow Blue Bottle on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, or visit for more information.

About is a platform to help you connect with premium nature based experiences from Japan’s leading guides and operators. Follow Kammui on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, or visit for more information.

About Kammui Inc.

Kammui Inc.'s mission is to create optimal pathways to nature that lead to health, spirituality, and sustainability. We partner with Japan's leading guides, instructors, and tour operators to provide premium nature experiences for beginners and experts alike.

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