Kammui Inc. launches, a 'matching platform', to connect people with Japan’s leading guides for unique and high quality experiences in nature.


Across all ages, there is an inherent desire to lead healthier, richer lives full of new experiences. The source of a richer, healthier life is outdoors, but for many people just getting outdoors and participating in new activities is a leap. will lean into digital trends and social media--via compelling visual design, media content, and friendly tech--to inspire people to make this leap of getting more engaged in the outdoors.

A New Way to Experience Nature is partnering with Japan’s leading guides and operators to offer premium experiences in nature for beginners to the more advanced. Activities include yoga & meditation, farm experiences, fishing, surfing & diving, mountain biking, rock climbing, SUP, kayaking & canoeing, hiking & trekking, and nature-based “escapes”. showcases partner guides and operators, highlighting their backgrounds, certifications, and views on nature to help each person find a guide and/or experience which is the best match for them.

Kammui Styles also organises experiences through “Kammui Styles” to help people easily explore the world of Kammui. Styles include categories such as “mindfulness”, “plants and wildlife”, “family friendly” and “challenging” which allow people to find the exact kind of experience they are looking for.

Kammui Stories

In addition, incorporates a media function, “Stories”, to help educate and inspire people on the value of the outdoors. Stories will include everything from introductory articles on specific outdoor activities and how-to guides to thought pieces on nature from well-known personalities and video introductions to selected guides. The goal is to inspire people to incorporate unique outdoor experiences as a regular part of their lives.

Kammui’s stories (Youtube):

A Sustainable Ecosystem

As a first step in its vision to create a sustainable ecosystem for the outdoor market, Kammui Inc. is supporting More Trees, a forest conservation organisation led by the Japanese musician, Ryuichi Sakamoto.

The Kammui Team

The Kammui advisory team includes:

  • Hiroshi Fujiwara, a globally-acclaimed designer, musician and influencer,
  • Keisuke Honda, Japanese soccer star and investor;
  • Jesper Koll, one of Japan’s leading leading economist and strategists; and
  • Ian Spalter, ex head of design at Instagram, currently head of Metaverse Design at Meta.

Kammui’s founder, Max, is a Japanese-British entrepreneur based in Tokyo with passion for backcountry snowboarding. Max was fortunate to meet many incredible guides in the backcountry who gave him access to awe-inspiring experiences in nature. Kammui Inc. came above from these experiences and a simple goal to use technology to try to connect more people to nature.

About Kammui Inc.

Kammui Inc’s mission is to create optimal channels back to nature leading to health, spirituality and sustainability.

Name: Kammui Inc.
CEO: Max Mackee
Address: 3-12-3 Aobadai, Meguro Tokyo, Japan

For inquiries, please contact: [email protected]